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Rave Magazine EP Review

“The 7 track self titled debut EP is a blistering homage to headbanging, moshing & cicle pitting”

IN DEATH – Self-titled EP

The Skinny: Brisbane moshers debut EP drops like heads in pit.

Who doesn’t love to mosh? Sure, you’ll be sore the next day (the older I get, the more I realise this), but there’s something incredibly cathartic about pushing your way into a pit and just getting fucking mental. In Death’s self-titled EP is a blistering seven-track homage to headbanging, moshing and circle pitting. The Brisbane five-piece’s EP is a furious onslaught big riffs, breakdowns and solos accompanied by a rhythm section that deftly manoeuvres between groove and power. With production that emulates their live sound, listening to In Death’s debut EP will make you want to go up the front and get nutty, even if you’re not out at a show.
It’s Worth Checking Out For: the bounce and power of tracks like Human Canvassing and Hellbound.


Tom Hersey – Rave Magazine
Rave Magazine review of “In Death” EP printed March 17

Rave Mag review of live gig @ Step Inn 17/03/09

The Step Inn – Wed Mar 17

While in the heart of the Valley the green-clad masses guzzle Guinness and devise plausible excuses to phone in sick the next day, five-piece In Death close tonight’s show with the big-riffed, meaty cuts from their self-titled EP. They leave the stage after plastering shit-eating grins across the faces of the bulk in The Step Inn tonight.

Tom Hersey – Rave Magazine

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