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Rave Magazine EP Review

“The 7 track self titled debut EP is a blistering homage to headbanging, moshing & cicle pitting”

IN DEATH – Self-titled EP

The Skinny: Brisbane moshers debut EP drops like heads in pit.

Who doesn’t love to mosh? Sure, you’ll be sore the next day (the older I get, the more I realise this), but there’s something incredibly cathartic about pushing your way into a pit and just getting fucking mental. In Death’s self-titled EP is a blistering seven-track homage to headbanging, moshing and circle pitting. The Brisbane five-piece’s EP is a furious onslaught big riffs, breakdowns and solos accompanied by a rhythm section that deftly manoeuvres between groove and power. With production that emulates their live sound, listening to In Death’s debut EP will make you want to go up the front and get nutty, even if you’re not out at a show.
It’s Worth Checking Out For: the bounce and power of tracks like Human Canvassing and Hellbound.


Tom Hersey – Rave Magazine
Rave Magazine review of “In Death” EP printed March 17

Rave Mag review of live gig @ Step Inn 17/03/09

The Step Inn – Wed Mar 17

While in the heart of the Valley the green-clad masses guzzle Guinness and devise plausible excuses to phone in sick the next day, five-piece In Death close tonight’s show with the big-riffed, meaty cuts from their self-titled EP. They leave the stage after plastering shit-eating grins across the faces of the bulk in The Step Inn tonight.

Tom Hersey – Rave Magazine


THANATOS – Reviewed by James Birkin – May 2013

Hailing from Brisbane, this five piece death metal outfit has been moshing pits since 2008. Fronted by Kell ‘Krugga’ Pressnell, the band is known for intense sound and energetic performances. The new six track EP, Thanatos, has certainly lived up to expectations. It’s crude, violent, sludgy and everything you’d want or anticipate from a death metal album.

‘Meaten’ begins the massacre as Krugga growls with venom “It’s the beginning of the end!”, a doom death metal introduction to satisfy the deranged. The next two tracks follow in a similar bursting vein of doom and death, ‘Bury The Hatchet’ with its relentless groove guitar and then ‘Beneath The Deceased’ with a killer solo thrown into the mix.

‘The Living Dead’ spirals the listener into an area well south of heaven and heads will nod with pleasure once the middle solo breaks down and Krugga cracks out some death screams. ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ starts off with another death sludge fest, but hold onto the railings for its mid section kicks in with pounding drums and collides head first into melodic groove before ending once again on a doomy death ledge.

The final track ‘Liberation Dawns’ is a straight up thrash/death monster. Drums pummel, guitars are along for the groove train and Krugga’s raw venom hisses off the speakers. The album was mixed by Logan Mader and the overall production is first class. A very promising EP and hopefully a full album is in on the way sooner rather than later.

Rating: 80%


THANATOS – Reviewed by Ben Murphy – April 2013

In Death… are a 5 piece Death Metal band born in Brisbane and have they recently released their sophomore ep entitled Thanatos. This follow up to their self titled debut RP, In Death…, was kept local; the ‘guys’ tracking it in Brisbane but from this was sent, direct, to Los Angeles to be mixed and mastered by the legendary ex-Machine Head axe wielding giant Logan Mader and it definitely shows.

Groove filled mosh sections crash down upon you like a ton of bricks which In death.. immediately follow with sections of augmented nastiness courtesy of face melting guitarists Rob Bartnik and Rah Rah, who personally taught to wield the axe by Jeff Kendrick of Devildriver fame. This is all expertly held together at the bottom end by Danika Fleming (ex-The Red Paintings) with her elegantly brutal bass lines and also by Ben ‘K.G’ McKay. Offering the heaviest rock beats I have EVER heard and to be honest they drive each and every track forward with definitive power. It ALL really drives straight through you.

Front man Kell “KRUGG” Pressnell (exNudge from Hey Dad) cites Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) as being his main influence as a performer and with his unique vocal style and tone he provides this band with an unmistakeable sound that cant be beat. Raspy, raw and explosive this man takes Death Metal from a stale guttural growl/shriek formula to a different space entirely.

With these influences and previous bands in hand I suppose it’s not all that surprising that I have heard many varying descriptions around the crowds by fans of what the In death.. sound actually is, from “a twist on Nu Metal” or “obvious deathcore influences” through to them having “…a heavy hitting, crushing old school Sepultura sound” and “Death…Just Death!”

In my humble opinion In death… apply varying techniques of Metal genres and meld it into their own brand of no holds barred melody infused Death Metal and their range is incredible as many couldn’t get away with such blatant disregard for the traditions of the old guard; which for me is cool! So many of my favored parts of each genre in one place at one time.

So, If there is one metal band you give a go to this year it should be In death… as this sophomore release is a killer and should pave their way to Europe and the U.S and beyond. Strong and well produced, you can really feel the time and effort these guys have taken with this.

Review Score: 9.7 out of 10


THANATOS – Reviewed by 2013

If you’ve been living under a rock, or in a cave… or some form of other abstract place then you haven’t heard or seen the name In Death being thrown around lately – for that I pity your black souls. These cats are a 5-piece death metal band hailing from Brisbane, Australia and have been slaying the local scene since ‘08… They’ve also just released their latest and greatest album “Thanatos”.

Since my copy arrived in the mail today, I haven’t been able to put it down – it came in the car with me, did my assignment with me, watched Disney movies with me (how metal, right?). I. Can’t. Get. Enough. Of. This. Shit. Let’s just clear one thing up: if there’s an album you should buy this year, this is it.

“Thanatos” features the debut single “Meaten”, which was released a few months back to build the hype (check out the lyric video here); again, if you didn’t hear this then you’re on crack – and not the good kind. “Meaten” features chuggy-as-fuck riffs by axe masters Rah Rah and Rob, with a catchy “I’m going to spontaneously bang the fuck out of my head” riff which plagues the verses, tighter than tight drumming by the amazingly talented master-of-bang Ben McKay, moist bass lines by the devilishly deviant Danika… and let’s not forget the brutal vocals which surprisingly come from good-old Krugga (you wouldn’t expect it, but apparently!)

As I sit here writing this, simultaneously listening to “Thanatos”, I can’t help but be overwhelmingly impressed with the awesome musicianship of these guys (and the lovely lady)… I’m a tough cookie to impress, but there’s something about it which makes me weak in the knees… I mean, hard in the genitalia. I think that “something” is actually more than one something, I think it’s several somethings, flawless double kicks with perfect timing, amazing brutal but melodic riffs which are forever being complimented by such intricate bass lines and vocals to make anyone die of brutality. All of these parts of what constitutes “Thanatos” are further accentuated by their ability to structure their songs in such a way where everything segues into each other, everything belongs where it is, and everything fits.

Although the album as a whole satisfies me more than any man (or cat) ever could, there are a few standouts which really made me blow my load: “Meaten” – this track, like described before, just makes me want to tear my clothes off and party and drink lots. Too brutal! The shredding solos in track 3, “Beneath the Deceased”… How does one’s fingers move so quickly? Multi-layered vocals in the bridge of “Beneath the Deceased”, the effect that has, I can’t even describe but I definitely got time for dat. In conjunction with all that awesome male-talent, we must not forget the sexual bass-meets-drum break, I first heard it and actually rewound the CD so I could listen to it again… Please guys, next time more bass solos! As the bass solo winds back into the brutally of the track, the rest of “Do Not Resuscitate” makes me happy – it’s my new “I-hate-everyone” track.

“Thanatos” was mixed and mastered by former Machine Head axeman, Logan Mader, trust me – you can tell… Not to mention produced by In Death’s very own Rob Bartnik! The post-production sound that this album has is almost tangible, everything is perfect about it. To Danika, Krugga, Rob, Ben and Rah: congratulations on creating such a masterpiece of brutal metal – this album is sure to induce circle pits in streets, I’ll make sure I play it in inappropriate places, like at kindergartens or something.


THANATOS – Reviewed by Ricky Aarons – – April 2013

The sunshine state have extracted some of the heavy thrashers who combine sludge and death metal.

The sophomore EP Thanatos from death metalers In Death has spread like a plague across the country.

The five-track record leaks from the moment it gets played with sludge and brutality.

Opening track ‘Meaten’ wastes no time with introductions and bursts straight into the carnage that In Death assure to deliver.

Technical thrash elements combined with doom/death metal vocals build up the music progressively. A touch of melody is detected and finely tuned later on in the EP. ‘Bury The Hatchet’ is as catchy as death metal gets.

The five-piece demonstrate musical control and enhance the overall sound with a ceasing effect which sets off the rest of the EP with a bang when relaunched.

Thanatos is full of melodies that build up after moments of quiet subtlety, at least for the acute metal ear who can appreciate it.

The mastery of this EP is truly appreciated in ‘The Living Dead’, an explosion of chaos embedded with some of the finest melodic growls in the sunshine state. The track builds and has you singing along to the chorus immediately.

It is always a positive movement to support local music, especially within the genre and culture of this calibre of metal.

Rated 7.5 out of 10


LIVE REVIEW – At The Gates – – 2012

A once in a lifetime opportunity…

It was fine turn out for Swedish melodic death metallers At The Gates, opening their first ever (and quite possibly last ever) tour of Australia at the Hi-Fi Bar in the heart of Brisbane’s West End. Punters were treated to the superfantastic sounds of Brisbane’s In Death who immediately proceeded to go off. It was most excellent to see lots of fans turn out for the first support act with Krugga roaring like the great bear that he is, with his solid stage presence (both literally and metaphorically). I hadn’t caught In Death before so it was good to see them tearing it up, despite the fact I didn’t know any of their tunes, and by their third song, the place was filling up. A highlight for me was Danika Ruohonen‘s bass that punched through and left bruises on my chest. In Death finished their set with Do Not Resuscitate; a track (I think) from their forth-coming EP.





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