“THANATOS” Artwork & Tour Details Revealed!

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Right! It’s time for us to reveal some more details regarding our upcoming release “Thanatos”

Official release date is the 23rd of March. We’ll be taking pre-orders, but we’ll cover that at a later date, info/shinfo first!

First, the title: “Thanatos” was first put forward by our resident bass monster Danika “D-Ball” Ruohonen. The meaning behind it is two fold. Firstly, as per Greek mythology, Thanatos is the daemon personification of death. It also has relevance to post Freudian psychology, which in that context is the term given to the “death drive” in which people are compelled to take unnecessary risks, or engage in self destructive behaviour. Either way, we think it fits our band and this release perfectly!

The Artwork:

Front Cover:


Back Cover & Tracklist:

Pretty sweet eh? Big thanks to Daniel & His Art, Erin Sara Photography, Christiana Zimmerman, Bec Cobbing, & Celene Skulls for thier help in executing the artwork you see here!

Now for the tour: (or the first half of it). We’ve split our tour into two halves and there are many more dates to be announced for the 2nd half of the year and more regional dates to be added to this first half of the national tour, so keep your pant’s on and let us know if you want to see us come and burn your town to the ground. Actually, you better take those pants off!

Finally, if you’ve made it this far, thank you for your support and you will be rewarded soon with a taste of some ACTUAL MUSIC from the upcoming release! More on that later!


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