In Death… T-Shirt Pre-orders!

In Death T-Shirt

This is the new In Death T-shirt design which we will have in our hot little hands in just a couple of weeks from now. (See enlarged Image below)

If you want to pre-order one, first of all, congratulations, you are among the most astute of humankind. And therefore, will get your shit cheaper than every other kunt!

Second, you need a Paypal account. (for anyone who doesn’t, we’ll still find a way to hook you up once the first orders are sorted!)

Third, send an email to us at:, include your name, address, and size. From there, we will send you an invoice via Paypal, and once payment has been made, you will get FREE hand delivery (or postage for our interstate friends)

So get on it you handsome, intellectually superior motherfuckers!


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