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In Death… are one of the most promising metal bands to emerge from Brisbane in years, I can’t speak highly enough of them. Love their album, especially “Violence”; but their stage show will blow you away. Great bunch of people with all the talent in the world. Definitely a band to keep an eye on!

“In Death – true staples of the indie death metal scene – are a must-hear for any afficionado of metal. From Kell’s epic snarl to Nate’s tasty licks, this band has been blowing minds around Brisbane since 2006 and will continue. Their recent self-titled EP is quite simply a must-have for your collection. Listen for Danika’s rolling bass lines, Ben’s thundering drum-work, Nate’s shreds and Kell’s supercharged vocals, as well as the positively insane talent of their previous guitarist, the almighty Baz. Their new axe man, Ray, has completed their lineup to bring them back with even more power and fury then ever before. So grab a ticket to their next gig, buy their EP and prepare to have your brain-balls blown out your ass.”
Alex Norton

The first time I saw In Death happened to be at their final show in 2011. I kinda stood there unsure when they began, unleashing the brutals. As the first few songs passed I found myself unconsciously moving to the front of the stage with a stupid grin on my face, finally succumbing to the constant head banging goodness and rocking out with the band members. The fact they will be playing shows again soon is jizz worthy.
Frank Abernathy – Lunar Seasons

Danika farts loudly and I like it. She is my favorite women because she is not actually a woman, but a man without balls or a penis. She also plays bass good.
Rob Shirley

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